Pink Zebra Diffuser Beaded Bracelet

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Pink Zebra stones are the perfect complement to any outfit, with subtle shades of pink and grey. And who could refuse the darling butterfly?


Kat’s Pink Zebra Jasper Diffuser Beaded Bracelets are designed and personally handmade in very limited quantities, rendering them very unique.


These beautiful Pink Zebra Jasper Diffuser Beaded Bracelets include two dusty rose lava beads, making them ideal to be used as a diffuser bracelet.  Simply apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads to enjoy a beautiful scent throughout the day. Be sure to check out Kat’s targeted Essential Oil Blends.

Volcanic Lava Beads, earthy yet elegant, are completely natural.  Each bead is completely unique, therefore no two are alike.  Lava stones come from deep within the earth.  They are formed when volcanoes erupt.  Incredibly hot lava shoots out of the volcano and runs down the side.  Once it cools and dries, it becomes lava stone.  Known as a healing stone of protection, strength, and fertility, lava beads provide stability in times of change.  In addition, they often help to dispel anger, cement our beliefs, and provides guidance, clarity, and hope in difficult times.  It is believed that lava stones carry energy similar to the place where they originated.  This energy is said to help people replace anger and negative emotions.  As a result, strength and courage are resonated.  Lava stones increase assertiveness.

While lava stones are quite porous by nature, their tiny holes make them lightweight and comfortable to wear.  More importantly, they allow them to soak up the beautiful aroma of an essential oil blend of your choice.

Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra is a beautiful variety of jasper.  It has soft, subtle pink/rose hues marbled with variable shades of grey.

While jasper can be found all over the world,  pink zebra jasper has been specifically mined in Africa, Russia, and India.  This stone has a trigonal crystal structure and is opaque.

Perfect for jewelry making, pink zebra jasper has a hardness rating of 7.  It is used primarily for cutting, engraving, and polishing.

When cleaning it would be best to use a soft cloth, bristle brush, warm water, and mild soap.  Be sure to dry the stones thoroughly before storing or wearing them.  It is also advised to avoid prolonged exposures to high heat.


Jasper is a member of the Chalcedony species.  Zebra Jasper is just one of the many different varieties available.  Derived from a Greek word that means “spotted”, this dense, finely grained stone can attribute its stunning appearance to the fact that it can contain up to 20% foreign materials.


Kat’s beaded bracelets are strung on an elastic stretch cord to ensure comfortable wear and durability.  More noteworthy, the cords are glued with a strong adhesive to prevent breakage.


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In an effort to provide free shipping, your beaded bracelet will come to you in a cute gauze bag, perfect for gifting.  (No jewelry box included.)



8mm Pink Zebra Jasper Beads – Matte

8mm Rose Lava Beads

Antique Silver Butterfly Charm

Elastic Stretch cord

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Bracelet Size

6, 6.75, 7, 7.5, 7.75


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