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Hi, I’m Kat

After being diagnosed with Graves Disease,
I learned quickly that in order to recover & maintain my health I needed change in my life.

I had to improve on getting more sleep, reduce stress (which is what brought on the Graves in the first place), cleanse and figure out which foods nourished my body and which ones caused inflammation, get more exercise and activity in my life and clean up the environment around me. There was so much to learn and change. It was a little overwhelming. I developed the SEEDS Protocol to help me remember everything I needed to work on. SEEDS is an acronym for Stress, Exercise, Environment, Diet, and Sleep.

Kat Burtney, President of Kat's Creations and Kat's Out of the Bag

cleaning up

When I started looking into cleaning up my environment, the environment I had control over anyway, I couldn’t believe how many chemicals, metals, and toxins I was subjecting myself to on a daily basis. I mean, WHY would a manufacturer put lead in our lip stick??? I immediately changed all of my personal care products to organic.

I still had concerns about some of the ingredients in the organic products and learned how easy it was to make the products myself, thus Kat’s Creations was born. I’ve always had a creative side to me which had been sleeping for a few years. I can’t tell you how much fun I have had creating these products for you and for my own personal use. Making soap is SO much fun, if you’re adventurous, give it a try!

How It’s Made

Simple – Sustainable

I watched YouTube videos for 1 1/2 months before I began. I love YouTube, and am so grateful for all of those who have put themselves out there and shared their craft. I don’t think I could have done this without them. However, while I was watching all the different videos, I knew exactly what and how I wanted to make my products. Besides choosing the highest quality materials that are all natural, 100% pure and certified organic, I use all stainless steel and glass supplies, no plastic (other than silicone molds and silicone scrappers to clean out the bowls.) I do not microwave ANYTHING! I use reverse osmosis water in the soap and I sterilize all the containers and wear gloves.

Product Line

Faith † Hope † Transformation = Healing.

I developed four product lines: Faith, Hope, Transformation, and Healing. Let me share how I came up with these. First and foremost, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. The name of my coaching business is Kat’s Out of the Bag and the subtitle is: Faith † Hope † Transformation = Healing. I believe before you can Transform, which is necessary to Heal, you need to believe you can, or have Faith that you can, or like in my case, have faith in a God who is capable of anything. I also believe you need to have Hope, something better to believe in, possibilities of things being better than they are, before you can transform. Since the intentions are the same with both companies (to help you learn to live a healthier life and have the most optimum health possible,) I thought the four lines to be fitting.

*It is very important to me that the personal care products I make will nourish and moisturize your skin. All products are made with love! I pray you will enjoy and be nourished.

My FAITH line is Divinely Designed. The aroma of fresh Oranges (for Gold), mixed with Frankincense and Myrrh provides a soothing blend to calm your soul. These meditative fragrances have been used throughout time to enhance spirituality and consciousness.

My HOPE line is my Anti-Aging or Youthful Glow line, leaving your skin luxuriously soft and silky smooth. Scented with Lavender Essential Oil, this has proven to be a customer’s favorite.

My TRANSFORMATION line represents Energy and Joy. The Pink Grapefruit and Lemongrass Essential Oils will elevate your spirits and chase away the blues.

The HEALING line was designed for just that – Healing! It brings hydration and essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Depending on the product, the essential oils used have antiseptic or antimicrobial properties.

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