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’m so excited to share my mission with you!  While I’ve been interested in living a healthy lifestyle for years, it took on a whole new meaning when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  To prevent any further flareups and have the most optimum health possible, I learned quickly that I needed to find my strength within in order to eat “clean” and live “clean”.  (I’ll be sharing some of the tips I’ve learned in future blogs.)


Eating clean and living clean basically means buying organic….and that is NOT cheap!  So besides growing my own vegetables and herbs, I ventured into the world of making handmade products.


I’ve always had a creative side to me and it’s been so much fun exploring new horizons, plus it’s been therapeutic!


After reading hundreds of labels and watching tons of videos, I knew I needed to make my own personal care products.  The labeling laws are NOT in the favor of the consumer, they can be SO confusing!  For instance, I thought I was buying 100% organic products, because “organic” was on the label, only to learn that the word “organic” was actually part of the name of the company….the products were not 100% organic!  Some of the ingredients were organic, but some of the ingredients were questionable.  I understand they have to use the scientific name, which really makes the ingredient lists look very long, but I was not liking what I was reading on the labels.


After watching videos and seeing how some of the products were made, I wasn’t too happy with that either.  (Yes, I’ve gotten very persnickety!)  I am not in favor of pouring hot items into plastic, and why use high quality ingredients and then microwave them?  Am I going too far?  I don’t know.  I’m sure there’s many of you that would think so.  But I’m on a mission to live clean.  I never microwave any portion of my handmade products and I use either glass or stainless steel for my warm and hot ingredients.


I’d be honored if you would take a few minutes and explore my website…I designed it myself!  And because of that, I’d love to hear what you think.  Was it easy to navigate?  Is it too wordy or not enough explanation?  Want more pictures?  Less Pictures?  Find any typos? Or bad grammar…I have a hard time with that.  Any questions about the ingredients I use?  Please leave me a comment below.  I’m totally up for constructive criticism, but please be polite about it.


I look forward to introducing more products to my Faith, Hope, Transformation, and Healing lines and sharing more thoughts with you on cleaning up the environment.

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